Book Series That I’ve Accidentally Hit Pause On

I’ve realised this year that I have started reading quite a few book series and then taking ages to get round to the next book. I’ve had to stop myself starting any new series so I don’t end up in the centre of a storm of unfinished book series.

Partly it is the curse of reading YA; you don’t get a lot of standalone stories in YA so every time you try a new book or author, you inevitably start a new series. Partly, it’s because the way in which I’ve had access to the first book in the series no longer exists.

I’ll explain.

Library Lover

Sometimes I’ll start a series where I’ve borrowed the first book from the library. This is a tried and tested method for a new author or a new series. You don’t like a book? Return it and you don’t have to have the burden of owning the first book in a series you’ll never read.

The problem is when I have liked a book and the library doesn’t have the entire series. I am currently waiting for book 3 of the Shades of Magic series to appear in the library by some sort of miracle. (Frustratingly, I’d have to pay to request a copy, so I’m hoping one day I’ll just go and it’s there. Or I could stop being so lazy and go the library that’s driving distance rather than walking distance…).

A Darker Shade final for Irene

I loved the first book, but didn’t love the second, so I don’t want to commit to buying all 3 without knowing whether I like the series as a whole. And of course buying just the third book in a series is just ridiculous.


There are how many books in this series? 

Sometimes, you buy the first book in the series without realising how long it was. I don’t often do this, but it has been the case with a couple of graphic novels such as Monstress and Saga.

Monstress V1

I really enjoy reading graphic novels, but because they are so much quicker to get through, and the series is usually longer, these are a bigger commitment. I’m happy to read these series slowly, and in the event that there’s a huge gap between reading a couple of volumes, it’s  easy to reread the previous one and remind yourself of what happens. The danger is taking too much time between volumes…


E-Book Mania

I have a confession: I only buy e-books on offer. In my heart of hearts I am a lover of physical books. There’s simply a different kind of enjoyment to reading a physical book. That, and paying for a physical book feels like you’ve actually bought something whereas paying, online, for an e-book that only exists on your device has a weird feeling that it’s not quite real even though it is, and why did you spend so much money on something that’s not even real?

Philosophical questions about whether the digital world is real, aside, I’ll share a little publishing secret. E-books either cost nothing or next to nothing make and can make an infinite amount of money for the publisher. I’m fine with this on principle, and ultimately I’m still paying for a product but you can’t convince me to spend more than a couple of quid on an e-book.

The Poppy War Cover

So, I’ll often see the first book in a series on offer, buy it and then I guess just wait until I can get the next one on offer? Will it ever happen? Should I buy a hard copy of the next book? No, that’s ridiculous. Think I’ll just wait forever for it to be reduced to 99p though I know that’s not how smart marketing works. This is my current dilemma with The Poppy War and with a bunch of books that I haven’t even started reading yet but bought for my Kobo.

How about you? Do you struggle with reading a book series? What’s the secret to keeping up with a book series? (And how did I do it as a teen???)



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