About me picture (Circle w. frame).pngBritish / Asian / Londoner

Hi! I’m Arub (it’s pronounced A-roob, please and thank you) and welcome to arub unwritten a creative outlet for my internal ramblings.

Having spent years scribbling away in notebooks and journals, I decided to go digital and turn it into a blog (we are living in the future folks).

A self-proclaimed city girl and a lover of literature, pop culture and of culture in general, here you’ll find my thoughts on books, film and TV, theatre and the occasional wanderings as I explore the world.

I am a little bit of a geek and a lover of fairy tales, sci-fi and YA fantasy so that’s the kind of content you’ll find here. As a brown girl living in a white world, I’ll inevitably bring this lens to my writing and I’m always on the look out for diversity and representation.

If you’re interested in peeking at what I’ve been reading, click here.

If you’re interested in spying on what I’ve been watching, click here.

Happy reading and happy commenting!

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  1. Hi, Arub,

    I’m Laurie and I work at New Shelves Books in Rochester, NY, USA. I’m reaching out to book bloggers to see who would be interested in writing reviews for some of our authors. If you’d interested, please contact me at Laurie@NewShelves.com.




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