Discussion | Going to the Library as an Adult

Discussion | Going to the Library as an Adult

I was a child of libraries. When I was 6 years old, we moved house and we lived down the road to my local library. I could and would frequently spend hours there, exploring the shelves, piling up books and narrowing it down to the number I was limited to taking out. I remember reserving [...]

Discussion | On Reading Breaks & Feeling Out of the Loop

Going to university forced me to take a break from reading for pleasure. Doing an English degree meant that I would often have to read up to 4 course books a week, or poetry or plays, leaving very little time to read for fun. I read a lot of good books but studying them for short, [...]

Reading Resolutions

Lots of people make reading resolutions. I'll read more this year. I'll read more non-fiction this year. I'll read more minority writers this year. Mine is simply that I want to read more than I have in the past few years. One fairly common resolution in the online reading community is the 50-Book Challenge. And [...]