Reviews in 100 Words: Cress, The Midwich Cuckoos & Living and Dying on the Internet

I have now twice, not once but twice missed out books from my previous reviews in 100 words. Completely forgot to put them on my read list. Didn't think to check goodreads against my review post. So, here's bonus round before the end of the year for the three inexplicably forgotten books all reviewed in 100 words precisely. Cress [...]


Skyward | Brandon Sanderson (ARC Review)

Skyward | Brandon Sanderson (ARC Review)

Skyward | Brandon Sanderson ★★★★ Once the crew of a spaceship travelling the stars, generations later, humans now live  under the surface of the planet Detritus. Mysterious alien starfighters break through the belt of debris that fills the sky and the humans are struggling to survive. Seventeen-year-old Spensa wants to become a pilot, like her [...]

Reviews in 100 Words: Nevermoor, All of This is True, Scythe & More

Hello folks and welcome to another round of 100 word reviews! I thought I'd have to start doing these a bit more regularly but I've been struggling to read recently, what with a changes at work and an August trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (which was fab but didn't leave much time for reading!) [...]