The Lost Blog: Jurassic World (2015)

 Titled as such because I lost the original post, had to basically rewrite it and I couldn’t help myself.

I have a mixed relationship when it comes to sequels and reboots. They seem to be a money making scheme and yet I find myself watching them time and time again. Quite often they are terrible but sometimes they can be really good. Jurassic World is definitely the latter.

If you are a fan of the original, Jurassic World is made for you. It is littered with references to the original film and that makes it feel part of the franchise rather than standalone. It doesn’t seem arbitrarily latched on where fanfic or headcanon would have sufficed. It is quite a realistic portrayal of what may have happened 20 or so years after the first park was built, a realistic view on how scientists today, because technology has advanced so much, could think that it would be safe to reopen Jurassic Park. And it probably helps that Spielberg produced it and the original John Williams is played throughout (though a little bit overplayed in the intro). It definitely stands up to the first film.

Though it seems to be made for a nostalgic audience it can be enjoyed by someone who has never stepped foot on the island too. There are dinosaurs. There’s a theme park. Chaos ensues. What more is there to say really? There’s lots of action, the imagining of what the park would look like once opened is cool and from anecdotal evidence, there is more dinosaur screentime on the clock. The revelation of the genetically modified Indominus Rex, our main “villain” is beautifully slow and she’s a pretty scary dinosaur (but mostly due to abilities rather than its appearance). Characters and story aren’t the strongest but that’s not really the point – it is entertaining. I absolutely loved the ending. I want to just rewatch the last half hour or so; there’s tension, high stakes, velociraptors (of course), dino fights and a brilliantly planned ending.

The one flaw I’d pick from a first viewing is that I didn’t gel with the character of Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard). I realise that the  characters aren’t really fleshed out but Claire seemed too much like a cardboard cut out. A controlling, uptight, workaholic female who needs a man (Owen, played by Chris Pratt) or a crisis (carnivorous dinosaur on the loose) to help her realise her full potential or gain some sort of personality or make her a more empathetic character. On the other hand I have to mention how much I loved Chris Pratt in this. Having only seen him in Parks and Rec and in interviews (he basically is Andy Dwyer IRL), I have to applaud his versatility.

Oh and one more thing – a thematic exasperation follows this franchise. You’ll find yourself questioning why do these scientists never learn? You’ve had three films to realise that you shouldn’t mess with dinosaurs, you shouldn’t give them evolutionarily advantageous genes and then attempt to open a fricking dinosaur themed amusement park. In the wise words of Dr. Ian Malcolm just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

And I shall leave you with this image which I spotted online a few days ago, couldn’t figure out where it was from and then spent an INSANE amount of time looking for it. (I found it on tumblr in the end, because of course. You’re welcome)


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